Three Canoes Consulting wants your institution to become self-sufficient in using Sakai and the Open Source Portfolio (OSP) for teaching, learning, and assessment. We offer on-site and virtual services for assessment planning, ePortfolio design, OSP customization, and documentation and training for your use of Sakai. We are fellow educators with years of experience working with higher ed and K-12 institutions and have been a part of the Sakai and OSP communities since their inception.

By partnering with Three Canoes, you ensure that a portion of your investment is contributed back to benefit the open source community. We work with you to contribute what we accomplish together as a means of promoting institutional collaboration and enhancing shared knowledge on how to use Sakai and OSP to meet local needs like yours. Chances are, if you need help with what you want to do with Sakai, the documentation for that aspect of the software needs improvement and others will need the same assistance. With each new project, we build our reputation by generating new intellectual property for you and the entire open source community.